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The Project

CYBER VENEZIA is a project based on Neil Harbisson’s colour perception.

Neil is an artist who, due to a genetic anomaly, can only see the world in black and white, but who can perceive colour through soundwaves thanks to
a cybernetic device attached to his head called the Eyeborg.

CYBER VENEZIA'S first part, named THE SOUND OF BURANO, will consist in translating the colour of every house in Burano into its correspondent sound. The aim is to create a colour map and a sound map of Burano.

Taking Harbisson’s colour-sound perception, which is based on the transposition of light waves into sound waves by scaling light frequency down to an audible scale, we are creating a mobile phone application that detects the colour of each house and plays the correspondent sound. So, the people that walk around Burano will be able to hear the sound of the houses, as well as seeing their colour. The application will also show the exact name of each colour, and its history.

To create this project, we would need a research period, where Neil has to perceive every
house through the eyeborg and translate them into sound. Meanwhile a computer engineer would develop the application to transform the colour into its correspondent sound.

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