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How we began

Che cos'è

Since his birth, the artist Neil Harbisson does not see colors because of a rare genetic disease, but he "hears" colors through a particular instrument, the Eyeborg, which he wears on his head and converts light waves into sound waves, and vice versa.

Harbisson is internationally known for the Eyeborg, which earned him the nickname "Cyborg" and allows him to make sound portraits and sonocromatics works.

The new project CYBER VENEZIA, an idea born of the collaboration between the artist and the Art Gallery Giudecca 795 in Venice, aims to create a sound card of Venice from the colors of the city.

CYBER VENEZIA was presented at the Art Night of Venice: 720 people attended the demonstration in two hours, and the Facebook page dedicated to CYBER VENEZIA has collected more than 2,000 "Like" in a few days.


The project will continue with the "listening" of the colors of Venice, area by area from the island of Burano, to build an absolutely unique map: a fascinating experience that causes knockback boundaries between art and science, and a new step to help the visually impaired in their perception of the world.

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Neil Harbisson sull'Isola di Burano

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Thanks to: Neil Harbisson​ - Moon Ribas​ - Océane Fabre​ - Nicolas Bernillon  ​

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